Dunlop Univibe UV-1

Dunlop Univibe UV-1

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The Univibe UV-1 has a traditional rotating speaker effect, designed to the original 70's circuit specifications. Features selectable chorus/vibrato, and an optional foot-operated speed control.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $299.99

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User Reviews of the Dunlop Univibe UV-1

  • Submitted by Jeff from Salt Lake City, UT (10 points) on Sep 6, 2001
  • This makes interesting modulations in tone which will produce a rotary speaker effect. It is very evedent on non-musical rhythm scratches and taps. Use with a foot-switch and change the tremolo and /chorus vibe. I love this box for clean or medium crunch.
  • Good Points: This allows the sounds of the guitar and amp to remain while accenting your sound. Doesn't take over the entire realm. Also bullet proof for those crazy shows.
  • Bad Points: Could be cheaper and the power source is 18 volts and the foot-pedal uses an expensive stereo cable. I have had 2 adapters break on me which are 15 bucks a pop
  • Price Paid: US$250.00
  • Purchased At: Guitar Czar
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