EBS MultiComp

EBS MultiComp

Pack your sound down to a dense, pressurized stream of power. A high-performance analog compressor pedal with a choice between solid-state, tube-simulation, and multi-band compression. Compression/Limiter and Gain knobs on the face make for easy, accurate tone adjustments on the fly. Heavy-duty pedal housing can take all the compression your foot can dish out. Analog compression for a tight, powerful tone Solid-state, tube-simulation, and multi-band compression Heavy-duty housing

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $250.00

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User Reviews of the EBS MultiComp

  • Submitted by pete from berlin (4 points) on Feb 5, 2005
  • the multi-comp works as a bass guitar compressor should do: unremarkable. the tube sound is o.k. to simulate a warm, decently overdriving tube-preamp, the solid state mode sounds rather slim and bright. even in the 2-way-mode the compression is NOT justable by different bass- and treble-knobs. that`s the same "problem" as the BOSS CS-3 (100$) has got. test the DIGITECH BASS SQUEEZE (bass+trebles) or the AKAI HEXACOMP (6-freq-comp.)(both less than 100), but both maybe more "muddy". generally, compression brings more punch and sustain into your sound, but also a bit of trebling noise.
  • Good Points: -hi quality sound/ modes -solid (swedish steel?) and small
  • Bad Points: -price (euro 170 = $ 250) by the way: the ebs octabass is euro 120 = $ 180, not as i wrote there!!!)
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