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  • Submitted by pete from berlin (4 points) on Feb 5, 2005
  • the ebs octabass might be the best bass compressor pedal on the market because of it`s low noise(!) and it`s best and most precise tracking. i couldn`t find a notable difference to the BOSS octaver, except of the really more roaring, tubelike sound of the lower octaves. there is no octaver to find, which can develop a lower octave - note at the same time LOWER THAN the SECOND E or G, even not the ebs. i like the sound, it can move your original tone to a more threatening, darkmetal-grindy mood, but it is absolutely useless for subtituting the low h-string that`s missing on your bass. and to create dark sounds with higher sources you better keep half of the price, buying a BOSS or, more expensive, a MXR.
  • Good Points: -sound, tracking -different modes -solid, small
  • Bad Points: -price (170euro = 115$) in relation to other models
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