Electro Harmonix 10 Band Graphic Equalizer

Electro Harmonix 10 Band Graphic Equalizer

This is a straigtforward, easy to use 10 Band Graphic Equalizer. It's easy. It plugs directly into a standard 110v socket so there's no need for a battery.

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User Reviews of the Electro Harmonix 10 Band Graphic Equalizer

  • Submitted by andy from Chicago, IL (10 points) on Sep 21, 2004
  • This completely radical F/X unit is a monstrous equalizer. Like, if you want your low end, really low, you can just raise the sliders on the left side (31Hz). It's SO cool. Or if you want a high trebly sound, like when your girlfriend screams at you for kissing her best friend, you know... But anyway, there's the "classic" EH stomp pedal, for on OR off, to some of you that is "bypass". The coloring looks cooler than the one I got, but fuck it, right?
  • Good Points: This dirty bitch offers 10 bitchin' sliders for FULL equalizing options on the sound spectrum. (31hz-16Khz). It is also made out of metal, which can cause a buttload of damage to your opponent!
  • Bad Points: Man... there are no bad points. This Bad Boy is the engine of my sound, did I just give that away?! The only bad thing is that I don't have TWO of these babies!
  • Price Paid: US$925.00
  • Purchased At: Tokyo, Japan
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