Electro Harmonix Double Tracking Effect

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  • Submitted by maarten from Twello (64 points) on Aug 29, 2002
  • got this thing for free from a guy who said it was broken but when i tried out the device was acting just like an ordinary analog delay unit. The bad thing about this pedal is that the range of the delay is only switchable between 50 en 100 msec. and another bad thing is that, although it get very easy into self-occilation, it's a bad soundsource and it's messing up all other sound in the feedback chain. The sound produced is only very low frequenty and it doesn't have a feeling. But if you don't let it come into selfoccilation it can thicken your signal in a nice way. there is a blend knob to do this with, it reacts as a dry/wet mix pot full cw is the clean signal (without loss of original quality) full ccw is full fx (?). The guy (guitarplayer) who gave it to me told that when device was in use he had to wait for about a second to hear the notes he was playing so playing his instrument was hard for him. For some experimental stuff this can be useful but i do not have noticed this effect yet, maybe cuz mine is (partly)broken or maybe cuz it WAS broken, i have no idea. If you'd like to have an analog delay there are much much better devices on the market.
  • Good Points: NOT AS BIG AS A LOT OF OTHER EH PEDALS . switching between 50 en 100 msec gives a nice effect, depending on the inputsignal.
  • Bad Points: suck as a soundsource. just 50 OR 100 msec delay nothing in between. just one pot to tweak.
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