Electro Harmonix Echo Flanger

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  • Submitted by britt-stinker from Denmark (14 points) on Dec 25, 2005
  • The Echoflanger is my favourite modulation pedal. Chorus: It can go from subtle chorus to insane freak-out-fucked-up-chorus(think Nirvana's Radio Friendly Unit Shifter) but it can go even further- be even more strange sounding. I LOVE to turn on distortion, crank feedback and width, turn tune and rate about halfway, and just bang on my guitar to make it feedback beatifully in big walls of noises. Besides that it can do "normal" sounding chorus(but you can still tweak a very unique sound out of it). If you put the blend switch(upper right corner) in wet mode(only wet signal) the chorus becomes a vibrato. Flanger: The flanger covers a lot of ground. When the rate is turned all the way down and every think els up it makes the slow jet woosh sound. Then when you start to turn the rate up it becomes the most liquified sound I have ever heard. A very beatifull sound. The flange(and chorus)can go very very fast. When it is turned all the way up it goes into a totally new whelm. Filter matrix: As far as I know this is basicly the same as on the Deluxe misstres. It disables the LFO. This makes the sound very metallic. There isn't a really dramatic sound different in this setting when the knobs are turned, since some of the knobs are disabled. Double track: This setting is a short (analog) slap back delay. I love this thing! it can really help on feedback, when distorted. It's the nicest slap back delay I have heard. It kinda have it's own life, in the sense that it sometimes will self osc if you hit the strings hard enough(when playing guitar), with a microphone in the input this thing feedback's as nothing i have ever heard before, if it just had more delay time, I't would be the only modulation pedal i need.
  • Good Points: Everything! It can do so many things.
  • Bad Points: VERY noisy. But hey who says noisy is a bad thing. No on off led. It doesn't allways work in a feedback loop. I have gotten it to work with some other LFO modulated pedals, but not in some time.
  • Price Paid: US$270.00
  • Purchased At: Ebay.co.uk
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