EMMA Electronic DiscumBOBulator

User Reviews of the EMMA Electronic DiscumBOBulator

  • Submitted by John from Evanston, IL (126 points) on Mar 13, 2006
  • The Best Envelope filter out there. The Qtron has More Parameters, and the Mutron has more of a synthesizer sound but also has much more noise. This one quacks like a duck and has true bypass. Hard to find a bad setting. I own them all, as the Envelope filter is me favorite effect tied with analog delay. These are cheap and work just GREAT., Highly recomended!!!
  • Good Points: Hard to find a bad setting. Unlike the Mutron where you search, search then search some more, or the Qtron, where there are so many knobs you just get confused. This is a one trick poney that does it well. Perfection. Bravo Emma!!!
  • Bad Points: can't think of any!
  • Price Paid: US$185.00
  • Purchased At: Maken' Music
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