FX Doctor 8-Bit Fuzz

FX Doctor 8-Bit Fuzz

The 8-Bit fuzz was originally designed to give a synth feel to do some Nintendo cover songs, but then the bias knob was added to give some great fuzz tones as well. You basically lose all dynamics. The note feels like a keyboard, immediate attack and the note just disappears suddenly. Random octave dives at certain settings and a fat fuzz are also available by turning the Bias knob. Comes with true bypass.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $87.00

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User Reviews of the FX Doctor 8-Bit Fuzz

  • Submitted by ck3 from Portland, ME (398 points) on Jan 12, 2005
  • I used to own a limited edition version of this pedal that had an extra volume knob, a DC power jack, the original Mario graphic, and a bright purple LED. For those who may enjoy the glitchy/gated timbres that are possible with a Zvex Fuzz Factory, but don't need the oscillation and other features or don't want to fiddle with 5 knobs, this may be the perfect Fuzz for you.
  • Good Points: Predictably glitchy with single notes. Abrasive industrial fuzz textures possible with chords. Sustain can be improved by placing it after a buffered bypass pedal. Very reactive to pre-EQing, especially of the parametric variety. Wide tone sweep possible with the bias knob (which is a standard feature on all units). Somewhat tight onboard noise gate.
  • Bad Points: Without the aid of buffered bypass pedals or pre-EQ, it is pretty much a one trick pony (with a decent tone sweep). It can sometimes amplify the (unwanted?) noise of other pedals. The Mario graphic has been discontinued.
  • Price Paid: US$105.00
  • Purchased At: www.fxdoctor.com
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