Guyatone Analog Delay AD-X

Guyatone Analog Delay AD-X

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AD-X Analog Delay is a tube driven Analog Delay. The AD-X was specially designed to reproduce the warm slapback delay and spongy reverbs. It has a maximum delay time of 200 mS, the AD-X features Delay Time and Repeat controls, as well as Direct and Effect Level controls. Mode switch chooses between straight Delay and reverb-like Ambient modes, while Effect and Direct outputs allow for panning of the effect between two amps or channels.

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User Reviews of the Guyatone Analog Delay AD-X

  • Submitted by Gus from San Francisco, CA (278 points) on Mar 22, 2002
  • I found this cheap and thought I'd buy it as a goof. When I got it home I discovered that it is a mighty fine pedal for noise. The stereo outs are tailor made for feedback loops. The tube has a tendency to dive the hell out of any input, and this is where the magic lies. I plug a Death Metal pedal into it, and plug output 1 into the Death Metal pedal. Presto! Instant cascading sheets of noise. Crank the delay time knob for theremin like wierdness. Add more effects to the loop and it only gets better... Did I mention that this pedal self oscilates like mad? I've had it only a short while, and it has already become "home plate" in my set up. Worth seeking out.
  • Good Points: Self oscilates with ease. The tube overdrives signals nicely. Stereo outs. Pink & green.
  • Bad Points: Wall wart power supply. I've heard that it has been discontinued.
  • Price Paid: US$80.00
  • Purchased At: Some shop in Japan
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