Guyatone Slow Volume SV-2

Guyatone Slow Volume SV-2

The SV-2 Slow Volume actually makes your signal "swell" from zero to full volume, offering an unlimited variety of new tonal textures to expand your creative horizons. The SV-2 is a voltage-controlled volume pedal based on the vintage Boss Slow Gear. The SV-2's Threshold control determines how hard a signal's attack must be to trigger the effect, while the Speed control determines how fast the signal will swell to full volume. Many effects can be achieved just by manipulating these simple controls, from straight volume swells to tape-reverse simulation. Combined with other effects, the SV-2 becomes a truly unique creative device. Since it is envelope-controlled, the Slow Volume works best when placed at the front of a signal chain. Try it in front of an HD-2 and MD-2 for haunting, "whale song" effects. Or, put it in front of a WR-2 for swelled-wah effects. There are no rules, so don't be afraid to experiment! Note: Like an envelope filter, the SV-2 must be "played" correctly in order to achieve maximum effect. With practice, the SV-2 Slow Volume can become an invaluable creative tool you won't want to do without!

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User Reviews of the Guyatone Slow Volume SV-2

  • Submitted by Shithead from Decatur, IL (24 points) on Apr 11, 2006
  • Basically this pedal is worthless in my opinion, for the noise/experimental genre. It is a complete dupe of the Boss Slow Gear triggered volume swell pedal. It is soooo small! It is actually built pretty well, though the usualy Guyatone Mini pedal concerns still apply here; the rubber band could break! This pedal does exactly what it says it does, and very well, at that. However, I have tried to find a useful application for this in noise for slow bursts and such; but I find myself tweaking the input volume to get it to trigger properly. If I am doing that much, I may as well swell the volume myself! The input into this box is usually too loud, meaning it is constantly triggered open. When put at the beginning of a chain, the effect is way too subtle to be useful for me in such an application.
  • Good Points: SMALL! Cool looking! Built well!
  • Bad Points: Just not that useful for noise...
  • Price Paid: US$50.00
  • Purchased At: Noise FX
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