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  • Submitted by Sander from Lakewood, CA (46 points) on Mar 25, 2006
  • HomeBrew Electronics has quietly established themselves as luminaries in the boutique pedal arena. With road-worthy construction, top-notch componants, and a pro fit and finish, their pedals stand up well in any comparison. I've always been a huge fan of phasers. HBE released its version shortly after my purchase of their UFO (Ultimate Fuzz/Octave). Almost sight unseen, I ordered one. When I first got it I was troubled that, when the Depth was turned all the way down, I could still hear the effect. Also, the two Shift switches remain, to this day, arcane objects that I don't really understand. Still, this phaser sounds beautiful. It is silky smooth, subtle, yet does it's job impeccably. I usually place it toward the end of my signal path, after the two Fuzz pedals I use. It works well on both low and high frequencies, eliminating the need for a special 'bass' effect. Customer service is great, and they are willing to do custom paint, and even modify circuits to suit your needs. Like all of the HBE pedals I've tried, it is dead quiet, both on battery and power supply. This is not true for many of the pedals I've tried.
  • Good Points: Road-Worthy Construction Top-Notch Componants Great Sound Low/No Noise Great Customer Service
  • Bad Points: Once again, the price is high on these pedals, but you really do get what you pay for.
  • Price Paid: US$199.00
  • Purchased At: Harbor Music Redondo Beach
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