Ibanez Bass Compressor BP10

User Reviews of the Ibanez Bass Compressor BP10

  • Submitted by grizzlor from Springfield, PA (696 points) on Apr 17, 2006
  • Stompbox compressors are worhtless for noise, with one exception only(the akai hexcomp). all others i would avoid like the plague. they're meant for playing stringed instruments and they're not so much actual compressors, they're more sustainers. sustainers don't work so well either though. out of all my compressors, this one is the best of the rest, there's definately a reaction to my noise when this is in the loop, but all it really does is add more mudd to parts i don't like muddy. pretty useless unfortunately.
  • Good Points: strong ibanez series 10 box...
  • Bad Points: you don't need a compressor unless you're playing geetar and need sustain, without distortion? who the hell wants that in noise?
  • Price Paid: US$35.00
  • Purchased At: ebay
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