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  • Submitted by mik from cologne (6 points) on Mar 23, 2006
  • Ibanez Standard Fuzz Fuzz Machine No. 59 The Fuzz Machine No. 59 was build between 1973 and 1979. Two sliders and two buttons one button is for on/off the other is for tone change. Slider one is for balance what means level. Slider two is for fuzz depth. With the tone change button you have two modes. Mode 1 is more like an overdrive a little bit thin and lift off the higher frequencies. Mode 2 makes a nice bass-and-treble insanity. What's fascinating about the standard fuzz is the dynamics. It has insanely natural sustain. I can turn the synth volume down to almost zero and still get great sustaining fuzz sounds. The more I turn it up, the dirtier the sound gets. And there's some amazing cross modulation that can turn chords into atonal trash and muted string notes into ring-modulated sounds.
  • Good Points: Two different fuzz sounds Long sustain
  • Bad Points: Sliders are more susceptible to oxidation
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  • Purchased At: it was a gift
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