Ibanez Fuzz Machine 59

User Reviews of the Ibanez Fuzz Machine 59

  • Submitted by Gus from San Francisco, CA (266 points) on Mar 24, 2002
  • Also known as the Ibanez "Standard Fuzz", this pedal lets fly with a very aggressive, square wave fuzz. Two switches: one is on / off, the other is "tone change" which offers a mild octave up effect. The octave is so compressed that it is of little or no use to me. Perhaps to a guitar player, but not to me. There are also two sliders: one for volume, and the other for fuzz depth. It is best to run this pedal with both sliders all the way up, as turning either one down will result in a marked volume drop. Not the best sliders for on the fly tweaking. All that having been said, the quality of fuzz this thing makes is remarkably good. Buzzing, angry, broken speaker type stuff. But alas, despite a great fuzz tone, it has a tendency to cut the signal out if it falls below a certain level. This inadvertant gating can become a problem quickly. It's too bad that it has a few too many faults, as the fuzz rivals Zvex pedals in quality. Not as versitile as Zvex pedals, but damn good. If you find one cheap (0 or less) jump on it.
  • Good Points: Beautiful square wave mayhem. One of the better fuzzes out there.
  • Bad Points: 30+ years old. Fetches collcter prices. Fragile sliders are a bit close to where you might step on them. Nasty gating problem.
  • Price Paid: US$175.00
  • Purchased At: Real Guitars, San Francisco
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