Ibanez Modern Fusion MF5

Ibanez Modern Fusion MF5

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The MF5 is a basic overdrive pedal with 3 knobs Level, Tone, & Distortion. A crunchy overdrive/distortion not very capable of feedback-laden sound

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User Reviews of the Ibanez Modern Fusion MF5

  • Submitted by jim from Nazareth, PA (22 points) on Aug 28, 2002
  • a rather subtle pedal. decent level boost. the tone variance goes from a muted low to a clear high. the distortion gives a saw textured blanket to clean tones coming in but if you've already got a good fuzz/overdrive, don't bother; unless you're looking to add some cool tone to your sound. that's probably the the best thing this pedal does, cools down when most pedals warm up your sound. the sweet spot for the tone is at 3 o'clock and for the dist. it's at 9 o'clock (when they're pointin right at each other). i use mine as a solid state level boost, set at the aforementioned sweet spots, 1st in line out of my primary synth. but that's just cause i'm poor.
  • Good Points: cool tone. saw textured distortion with a hint of static. nice tonal range. cheap.
  • Bad Points: sound tanks are generally unreliable in my experience. when coupled with other distortion (pretty much anything) it just cools ... and not by much either. not enough variety. TOO SUBTLE! it's weak, the MF.
  • Price Paid: US$30.00
  • Purchased At: Dave Phillips
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