Ibanez Stereo Chorus DCL

Ibanez Stereo Chorus DCL

The DCL is a stereo chorus, with an inverted secondary output. It has two speed and two width knobs (one pair for each output). It's easy to get some great chorus sounds due to the number of possibilities available with four knobs (all four still function even if only one output is used). Sounds go from shimmery to metallic to a nice psuedo-Leslie swirl.

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User Reviews of the Ibanez Stereo Chorus DCL

  • Submitted by ck3 from Portland, ME (402 points) on Oct 18, 2005
  • I came by one of these via a Harmony Central Effects Forum giveaway. I have found it to be quite unique for a run-of-the-mill chorus pedal.
  • Good Points: Provides robotic/square wave vibe and chorus textures when the inverted out is used in mono. Great filter for oscillators and/or delays. No unwanted noise. Great pea soup/military green chassis.:D
  • Bad Points: A bit more subtle than I'd like (even with the effect level knob cranked). Does not oscillate easily in a feedback loop. Sounds sort of generic in stereo.
  • Price Paid: US$0.00
  • Purchased At: Harmony Central Effects Forum
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