Ibanez Wah Wah WH10

Ibanez Wah Wah WH10

There is a Guitar/Bass switch and a depth knob. One input and two outputs, one wah one dry. Not as harsh and brittle as crybaby, not as thin as vox.

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User Reviews of the Ibanez Wah Wah WH10

  • Submitted by simon from newquay (54 points) on Feb 10, 2007
  • Ive owned one for about 6 months now going on the basis that john fruscinate used one on all wah parts on the 'Stadium Arcadium' album and i liked the tone on there. Its a very very versatile wah, i can use it with all genres without feeling the need for any wider range/more bass/more vocal. Im extremely happy with the sound of it, much better than my old crybabys i had! The guitar/bass switch is useful too, i actually use the bass setting a lot and get a very voxy sound from it which is cool, the blend pot is even more useful though as you can mix in as much or little as youd like :)
  • Good Points: AMAZING wah tone Plenty of tonal options. Good battery life Nice Q range Looks cool lol! Holds value very well
  • Bad Points: The treadle is a little weak, it bends if you push to hard, wouldnt mind fitting the circuit in a new casing to protect the original tbh! Expensive and rare! I paid more than i should have probably but im happy with it :)
  • Price Paid: US$250.00
  • Purchased At: ebay
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