Jake Rebol Buff Fuzz

Jake Rebol Buff Fuzz

The Buff Fuzz is a handmade distortion / fuzz pedal made by Jake Rebol. Built very well, this pedal has a 3PDT bypass switch and a cool blue LED bypass indicator. As for the sound.... there is one large knob right in the middle of this guy. This controls the amount of distortion. Twisted all the way counter-clockwise, the input sound is cut off almost completely. With the knob all the way clockwise, you get radically overdriven distorted madness! Runs off 9v DC barrel type adaptor plug only (no facility for batteries)

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $120.00

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User Reviews of the Jake Rebol Buff Fuzz

  • Submitted by ck3 from Portland, ME (402 points) on Nov 21, 2004
  • This is a custom made Fuzz that was created by a Harmony Central Effects Forum Member. I was one of its previous owners and acquired it through a trade.
  • Good Points: Thick, sustaining tone. Very reactive to the nuances of an input signal. Maintains a distinct personality in a feedback loop vs. being reduced to squeals and static. Nice artwork and a super bright LED. True bypass switching.
  • Bad Points: Only has a single control knob (volume). Exclusively runs on AC power.
  • Price Paid: US$0.00
  • Purchased At: Harmony Central Effects Forum
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