Johnson Tube Overdrive TOD9

Johnson Tube Overdrive TOD9

Johnson's Tube Overdrive pedal screams. The overdrive and tone controls allow you to massage the pedal into giving you the perfect sound. The separate volume control allows you to keep that signal at any level. Features: * Classic Tube Sound * Overdrive Control * Tone & Volume Controls * Active LED Light * 1/4" In & Out Jacks * Extra Large Design

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User Reviews of the Johnson Tube Overdrive TOD9

  • Submitted by Todd from Enfield, CT (68 points) on Jun 12, 2007
  • I bought this pedal just to try it out. This is now my main overdrive pedal. I have Arion Tubulator , Behringer TO800, Onerr Cx-1 . This Johnson pedal gets the sound I like better than the others. With the drive knob set low and level set high it will give you a nice boost for leads with just a little dirt added. I usually leave the drive about 9 oclock. The tone control has a good sweep for adjustment. It also has a Turbo/ Hot switch. If you switch over to Hot it pretty much picks up where the Turbo leaves off, going into the super overdriven distorted realm. So in effect it's like 2 pedals in one. I leave it on Turbo. It is guitar volume knob sensitive so turning down your axe will clean up the sound. It has the JRC4558 chip like the original Ibanez Tube screamers. So I guess you could say it's a low priced TS9.
  • Good Points: Price , got mine for . Solid metal case. Great blues, classic & hard rock sound on turbo. Heavy metal sound on Hot side.
  • Bad Points: None yet
  • Price Paid: US$35.00
  • Purchased At: Ebay
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