Maestro Ring Modulator

User Reviews of the Maestro Ring Modulator

  • Submitted by tapesss from Brooksville, FL (336 points) on Apr 20, 2007
  • Great noise pedal! picked this up for free from a friend. Controls for volume, pitch, modulation, regular in and out jacks, then here's the fun part: an external carrier input, so you can feed your own signals in and modulate another signal with that. also an oscillator out jack, and a frequency switch to change the range of the internal carrier oscillator. You can get clanging metallic sounds, high pitched screeching insects buzzing, all the way down to "speaking into a fan" type sounds. Never used this in a feedback loop, but i'm sure it'd yield some interesting results. The enclosure is a definite plus, made of brushed aluminum, im guessing. looks great and is tough as hell!
  • Good Points: great range of tones, interesting carrier setups can be had, super tough casing.
  • Bad Points: finding one, and collectors drive the prices up like crazy.
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  • Purchased At: a friend
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