Marshall Guv'Nor Plus GV-2

Marshall Guv'Nor Plus GV-2

Versatile, classic distortion. A versatile distortion stomp box with control knobs for gain, deep, bass, mid, treble, and volume. Has a rugged metal case and features passive bypass.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $135.00

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User Reviews of the Marshall Guv'Nor Plus GV-2

  • Submitted by Torbjörn from Örebro (110 points) on Nov 2, 2002
  • Got this in a frenzy for distortions and I am glad I did. It has a really warm tone which gives a lot of depth to any input. I use this for vocals combined with Boss MT-2 and I can use it for my Technosaurus Microcon analog synth. It hottens the sound without losing the original expression. Can be used to fatten up a chain of effects. This pedal is not essential and others are better at this quite generic warm distortion sound but hey this one looks good too.
  • Good Points: Warm. Good amount of distortion without loss of sound. Looks quite cool.
  • Bad Points: Generic and you can probably find better "warm" distortions.
  • Price Paid: US$59.00
  • Purchased At: Musikbörsen -Used
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