Marshall Valve MIDI Pre-Amp JMP-1

User Reviews of the Marshall Valve MIDI Pre-Amp JMP-1

  • Submitted by David from Reay (4 points) on May 29, 2014
  • I bought this in 1995 as a rack-mounted valve recording rig. I was very impressed at both the pre-programmed sounds available and the ability to programme your own plus use MIDI control. I was using a Peavey Triumph amp live at the time, and for a while I bypassed the preamp and use the JMP1 and a MIDIVERBII with a MIDI pedal to control the patches and effects. I eventually replaced this with a Digitech 2120. I still have the JMP1 and it gives brilliant sounds to both recording quality and live outputs. I use Les Pauls, strats and telecasters and have never had any issue with any of the sounds available. Top Class !
  • Good Points: Quality, the range of tones, its programmeable and you can implement MIDI control with external FX unit if you want. Marshall did issue a specific FX unit to go with it (JFX-1) but it was too expensive for me to try. I think it was one of the first valve preamp rack units available, so a groundbreaker.
  • Bad Points: Very pricey at the time (UK£495, approx UD$900 new)

    The only issue was that there were no effects available, though I think that was atandard at the time.
  • Price Paid: US$900.00
  • Purchased At: Marshall UK
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