Metasonix Vacuum-Tube Waveshaper and Ring Modulator TM-1 SE

Metasonix Vacuum-Tube Waveshaper and Ring Modulator TM-1 SE

If you are the type who likes things that are different , the Metasonix TM-1 could be just what you have been searching for! With its all vacuum tube circuit, there is absolutely no mistaking the sound with any other manufacturer's gear! Metasonix took the basic circuit of their award-winning TS-21 Hellfire Modulator, and added the world's first vacuum tube audio ring modulator. The result is a new sound-effects device in a small, economical package. The sound is totally unique, powerful and distinctive. Use it as a stand-alone effects box, or mount it in a modular synth with the optional TM-D or TM-M kit. These are limited to 25 units which are only available through Big City Music.

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User Reviews of the Metasonix Vacuum-Tube Waveshaper and Ring Modulator TM-1 SE

  • Submitted by SPIKE from Houston, TX (112 points) on Apr 24, 2004
  • The TM-1 SE. I think the SE stands more for 'Satan Enclosed' rather than 'Special Edition'. There are ONLY 25 units of this version being made. This SE version adds a switch to change the LFO of the ring modulator from Low to High and it also has a Stereo output if you use a patch cable.(excellent for instant feedback loop setup!) The TM-1 also comes standard with CV inputs for the Beam of the tube and the VCA. There is also an input for a Ring Mod Carrier signal. is an attempt to describe the sonics of this thing: Audio rape-age.... this thing is ultimately brutal on all incoming signals. any and all signals that i have run through this thing are turned into mammoth walls of distorted soundscapes. This thing is poised to attack right out of the gate. it friggen makes noiz even on it's own. Experimentation is the only way to delve into this creature. Like any new instrument you will have to work with this until you REALLY understand it's nature. Every turn of ANY knob makes changes. I do mean ANY knob. Even the input knob affects everything. The knobs all interact with each other in some way. DO NOT think 'Ring Modulator' like what you are used to hearing. This is ALL tube and it's not a ring mod bell tone thing. It's more like a mutagenic razor ring mod thing. There is nothing else out there like the TM-1 SE. Well there is one thing...the TS- 21 Helfire but they don't make that anymore and that was made by Metasonix as well.
  • Good Points: BUILT for AUDIO DESTRUCTION! The TM-1 is REALLY solid. It does have tubes so i wouldn't throw it around but it is made to last. The casing, knobs, inputs and switches are all real high grade. It's YELLOW! It Destroys all! A couple of more details... The creator of this monstrosity is also VERY helpful and will write you back with answers to ANY questions you might have. Roger at Big City Music was also VERY helpful and they have great store service!
  • Bad Points: Well it's hard to think of anything bad so i am going to have to really knit pick... 1) There should be a light for Active/Bypass. (The L.E.D. that's on it is just to let you know the bastard is on.) 2) The bypass switch should be something with more substance. Just something with more meat to it. It's kinda wee...Maybe i just like the idea of something like a NUKE switch. 3) It came with these 4 tiny and thin discs of plastic attached to the bottom. supposed to be feet? Well they didn't function at all so i pulled them off and added some 'real' rubber feet. Looks a lot nicer and gives the unit clearance from the table. Not that it gets really hot but remember there are tubes in it and anything to keep the unit cool is a good thing. 5) Manual could explain a lot more for a new user. But i guess if your are buying this sort of noiz assault box then you know what you are doing. 4) a little pricey but you do get what you pay for in this case.
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