Mid-Fi Electronics Singing Spoon

Mid-Fi Electronics Singing Spoon

This is the Singing Spoon synthesizer from Mid-Fi Electronics and it creates deviously indescribable sounds! It has two oscillators with pitch and depth knobs, and an LFO with square and triangle waves, a speed knob, and a depth knob. It makes all sorts of dissonant buzzes and cackles, along with some killer low resonations. Also has a kill switch. It's powered by a 9v DC negative tip barrel type adapter and has a single 1/4" out (no input).

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User Reviews of the Mid-Fi Electronics Singing Spoon

  • Submitted by Aesis from New York, NY (18 points) on Apr 13, 2011
  • I own one of these units that I managed to pickup

    from Ludlow Guitars in the Lower East Side a year or

    two ago, neither me nor the guitar-swinging salesman

    knowing its potential. Stoned, I managed to

    successfully play with this thing onwards of four

    hours through a guitar amp without getting kicked

    out of the store before purchasing it. I had no idea

    that it was a boutique pedal, but saw it's potential

    for both creating brand new never-will-be-heard- otherwise heavily process sounds as well as its

    potential for being a modulator for destinations in

    other sound systems.

    I am really, really impressed with this guy and

    can't believe it is so obscure. Mine is actually

    white, not grey, and has six knobs instead of five

    with some silk-screened graphic text.
  • Good Points: Billions of types of noises. Very light touches to

    knobs give very large changes to the nature. Very

    hyperdynamic, unpredictable until you get used to it.

    Extremely useful source of randomness.
  • Bad Points: Mine lacks a power or kill switch.
  • Price Paid: US$0.00
  • Purchased At: Ludlow Guitars
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