Monotonic Labs Type-Ge74 Harmonic Distortion

Monotonic Labs Type-Ge74 Harmonic Distortion

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The Ge74 is in the FUZZ family, but it differs from most others. Eventhough it can be used as a distortion channel, the Ge74 accels at making regular distortion sound better. Ordinary tones become thick, thin tones become fat. Created with the recording engineer in mind and the notion of getting a huge sound without spending all day, the Ge74 dramatically improves depth while at the same time smoothing out the harsh top end inherant with many of the "modeling" amps available on the market today. It has a similar response to a tube amp in that the harder its driven, the more 2nd and 3rd order harmonic distortion (or breakup) is added. With careful manipulation of the gain stages of both the Ge-74 and the instrument amplifier, a large array of vintage and modern distortion tones can be created enabling players of many genres to utilize this pedal. Various levels of soft compression are also added depending on these gain stage configurations. It's very possible that it's THE sound you've been looking for.

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