Morley Bass Wah

Morley Bass Wah

It's designed to handle the low frequencies that are too low for standard wahs. Switchless pedal goes into wah mode whenever you step on the pedal. Step off to automatically go to bypass. Wah controlled by a noise-free electro-optical circuit. Level knob controls wah output. Features LED indication and easy-access battery compartment. Goes into wah mode whenever you step on pedal, Step off and it goes automatically to bypass mode, Wah controlled by a noise-free electro-optical circuit, Level knob controls wah output, LED indication, Easy-access battery compartment, Comes with two-year warranty.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $169.00

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User Reviews of the Morley Bass Wah

  • Submitted by kinetic turtle from Oakland, CA (166 points) on Jan 9, 2005
  • My model is a newer one than the one in the picture, and yet this pedal has apparently been discontinued. I'm always a fan of the bass versions of standard pedals, because they tend to simply have a wider range, rather than a lower one. This pedal likes to modulate hissy distortion into the sounds of dying animals. Unfortunately, this is the only real noise application I've found for this pedal. It's a pretty specific thing. It doesn't really react to feedback pedals, or anything like that. If you happen to have one for non-noise bass playing, try it out in your noise rig. But don't spend your time hunting down this pedal just to make screamy noises. Although they are quite nice screamy noises. Oh, and it turns on and off automatically when you move the pedal. I haven't decided if I like that or not.
  • Good Points: Tough as nails construction. Reacts really really nicely with distortion pedals. Auto switch means you don't have to slam your fist down on it to turn it on if you're using it on a table.
  • Bad Points: Sharp edges. Honkin' huge. Really only one rather specific effect that's usable for noise. Auto switch means you can't return to resting position without killing the effect, which sucks if you're relying on it to feed a loud loop.
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