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  • Submitted by Zach from Clinton Township, MI (28 points) on Oct 15, 2013
  • Obviously, this pedal is a competitor for the Digitech Whammy, so I will compare the two somewhat.

    For guitar, it has a very pure and clean (due to the polyphony) whammy bar effect. The pitch shifts sound perfectly clear. It works perfectly with full chords, evening sliding barres up and down doesn't mess it up. However, if you enjoy the random off-pitch tones you sometimes get with a Digitech Whammy, you won't find those here. It's all clean. It also sounds great with distortions, before or after.

    In a feedback loop, it can do some crazy stuff. With distortions sent in it, it makes all kinds of wild changing tones. I suggest using it at the + or - 1 or more octaves and just rocking the thing back and forth, that gets really fun, really quick.

    The pedal itself is built well, and it's sturdy. The expression pedal glides, but will stay in place if you let it go, unlike a lot of wahs.

    Sometimes the output sounds pretty low, I usually put a boost or a distortion after it in a chain.

    Also, it's of note that you can switch the pitch type with a footswitch, you don't have to bend down and dial it like a Digitech Whammy. It does need its own power supply, you'll probably need an adapter to daisy chain it.
  • Good Points: -great tone, clean pitch shifting -sounds crazy in a feedback loop -smooth control and solid construction -footswitch control -very solid alternative to a Digitech Whammy in my opinion
  • Bad Points: -pretty pricy new, I got lucky -sound output sometimes gets low, "trim" knob is somewhat confusing, it doesn't seem to do much -perfectly clean pitch shifting (if you like the messiness of a Digitech Whammy) -needs its own power supply, you'll need an adapter to daisy chain it
  • Price Paid: US$50.00
  • Purchased At: Guitar Center Clearance
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