Multivox Big Jam Octave SE-4

User Reviews of the Multivox Big Jam Octave SE-4

  • Submitted by rog from Atlanta, GA (34 points) on Jan 24, 2006
  • I have had this unit for about 30 years.. I have tried many other octave type devices.. this one is the best.. it tracks the best.. has the most range.. is the quietest.. it was 79.00 bucks LIST when new.. It is one pedal I won't get rid of cuz i don't think I could replace it.. I do not use it often but ... you gives a very good synthy guitar sound and has several variations.. it is out of this world for single notes with a ring modulator.. like a green ringer or gonkulator (green ringer is better for this as it is quieter) the attack can be made very subtiel.. I have been asked many times 'is that a moog??" using it and an echo.. again .. I think I have tried about all of them. the Boss Harmonizer tracks as well but does not have the range or the synthy sound that this does .. got to be the sleeper of the century .. probably go for 25 bucks on ebay cuz who has heard of big jam?? ..this blows away the EH micro synth!!!.. again I will keep this.. I have gotten rid of Ibanez AF201, Mutron Wah, Orange sqweezer, and lots of pedals that have gotten toooo valuable to keep .. this one is the best of and WHO KNOWS ABOUT IT... if you want a synth sound for the guitar and can find one of these.. get it it would be worth 150+ rogalujah
  • Good Points: quiet, great range of sound, BARGAIN bought it new for 39.00 in the 70's
  • Bad Points: I cant sell it for 0.00
  • Price Paid: US$39.00
  • Purchased At: Sandy Campbell Music Center
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