MXR Analog Delay 118

User Reviews of the MXR Analog Delay 118

  • Submitted by dave from Redwood City, CA (74 points) on Aug 6, 2003
  • True analog delay. It has three pots- One to control the delay time, one to control the mix, and one to control the feedback. I find it has similar tones to that of an old Roland Tape Echo. This green monster can be suitable in the middle of a chain to completely warp anything that goes through it- via the delay knob, or could be the sound source at the beginning with it's fast self oscillating capabilities. The Delay knob goes so fast it turns into a drone, which can be controlled for a spooky texture. The mix knob can be used more like a volume knob, but after halfway it doesnt get much louder. The Feedback knob is super sensitive, which gives you in depth control over the pedals intensity.
  • Good Points: Real analog. vintage tone. Bulletproof. Has power cord attatched.
  • Bad Points: The on/off switch is pretty annoying, and sometimes is hard to switch, and makes the popping sound when switched.
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