MXR Auto Q M-120

MXR Auto Q M-120

Controls: Footswitch toggles Effect On/Bypass (red LED indicates on) Range knob controls frequency floor of effect The Q knob adjusts the intensity of the wah effect The Volume controls overall effect output level (inactive in Bypass mode) Decay knob controls the drop-off of the wah effect (with Blend knob off) or transition between wah and shimmer (with Blend dialed up) Blend knob controls the mix between auto-wah and shimmer Rate knob controls the speed of the shimmer effect Band switch selects favored frequency range of effect.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $185.00

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User Reviews of the MXR Auto Q M-120

  • Submitted by ob1117 from United Kingdom (34 points) on Feb 26, 2010
  • I thought six knobs and a three way switch would give me lots of sound options but a loop this thing generally squeals in a weedy fashion. I've tried putting an octave straight after it but without much satisfaction. Don't bother.
  • Good Points: Sturdy and pleasant looking. OK for subtle guitar use.
  • Bad Points: Hopeless for noisy use. Squeals, and turning knobs won't make it stop. Not enough range on the Rate control.
  • Price Paid: US$0.00
  • Purchased At: ebay
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