MXR Junior (2000)

MXR Junior (2000)

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The Junior has 4 different sound effects that can be triggered with the footswitch or output of another device though a separate jack. It has level, voice, and tempo controls. The tempo control varies the speed of the voice repeat from zero to machine gun .The voice effects are clap, shaker, drum, and laser.

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User Reviews of the MXR Junior (2000)

  • Submitted by Ben from United States (234 points) on Apr 24, 2002
  • This pedal is a bad ass. The bass drum and laser sounds are very useful. In the description, it says that this can get 'machine gun fast.' The only machine gun I've ever used is an Uzi subgun. It fires at a rate of 600 cycles per second. That is considered slow for a sub-machine gun, many fire in the 1,000 cycles per second. So, with that said, is this really machine gun fast? 600 beats per minute or faster? Probably! And that's where this thing gets so useful. Using the tempo knob and twisting it toward the max and backing off can make for a great sound source. Follow it with effects, and you're set!
  • Good Points: see review
  • Bad Points: Will not cut if you put it in a self-oscillating chain -- the max 'level' setting could be a little higher, but it still is loud.
  • Price Paid: US$26.00
  • Purchased At: eBay
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