Onerr Nickel Octave OC-1

Onerr Nickel Octave OC-1

You can set the Onerr Nickel Octave OC-1 to reproduce three separate variations of the original signal. the original sound, one octave below the original and anothe two octaves below the original sound. Made in Brazil.

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User Reviews of the Onerr Nickel Octave OC-1

  • Submitted by aaron from Venice, FL (10 points) on Aug 1, 2005
  • typical cheap octaver very imperfect tracking the synthesized tones it creates gurgle around and will jump around by octaves or fifths/fourths etc when used in an feedback loop it will oscillate and you can control the pitch with the knobs when used before fuzz or distortion it can thicken your sound when used after it will turn your harsh noises into a wash of square and sine wavey mess if you turn the direct level down
  • Good Points: allows you to create thick textures of clean gurgliness or fatter nastiness cheap
  • Bad Points: if you want good tracking this dont do it
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  • Purchased At: local music store
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