Pearl Chorus Ensemble CE-22

User Reviews of the Pearl Chorus Ensemble CE-22

  • Submitted by paddy from United Kingdom (14 points) on Mar 11, 2004
  • Bought this years ago -mid 80's wonderful bit of kit. very lush chorus on left pedal then hit right to bring in delayed vibrato. in stereo its briliant. another good feature is hooking it up in stereo but with the pedal Off, play a rich chord on a synth , then hit the chorus pedal - dry mono to full stereo chorus- simple but VERY effective
  • Good Points: sound and controls I'd love to see someone model a VST plug-in effect version of it !
  • Bad Points: 18 volt--2x 9volt batteries it eats them in a matter of minutes. tracking down an 18 volt power supply was tricky so i built my own
  • Price Paid: US$55.00
  • Purchased At: second hand mid 1980's
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