Prescription Experience

Prescription Experience

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One of the best octave/fuzz available anywhere, faithfully recreating the tones of the classics. The Experience also features the 'Swell ' mode which simulates a backwards tape effect.

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User Reviews of the Prescription Experience

  • Submitted by Rob from London (358 points) on Jul 5, 2002
  • This is a fat sounding fuzz (think big muff rather than a fuzz face), an octave up and a swell function. It's a bit finicky to use. You can't have the octave without the fuzz and you can't have the swell without the octave. There are no LED's either to say what's on and what's not which is also a pain. But the fuzz is very noisy (but still very compressed, halfway between a Big Muff and a Big Cheese I'd say), & the octave tracks very well indeed. The swell function took me ages to work out. It does swell but only if you set it exactly right. Mostly the swell works as a volume boost. And it's a potentionally HUGE boost too which is great for noise. I've heard of people nearly damaging their hearing with this because they didn't realise that the swell boost was on (no LED's). You can replicate some nice synthy sounds once you work out the swell function and it sounds like the EH microsynth only much better tracking. The guy from Mogwai uses this pedal so it's useful for some noise applications, but I don't really see how it could be used on anything other than guitars. But it's for noise guitars rather than bluesy guitars.
  • Good Points: Nice fuzz, GREAT Octave. LOUD!
  • Bad Points: Hard to work out, expensive, not that much use for anything other than guitars. No LED's
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