Ross Phase Distortion

User Reviews of the Ross Phase Distortion

  • Submitted by analog from Reedsburg, WI (18 points) on Mar 12, 2005
  • a decent pedal that i wouldn't pay more than for. one switch is on/off for the distortion and the other is on/off for the phaser. the phaser is a bit weak especially without the distortion engaged. although the phaser is weak, it still seems to overtake the signal with it's weakness if that makes any sense. the distortion is a pretty typical warm transistor flavor which is pretty good at widening the sound but tends to muddy the signal in longer chains.
  • Good Points: decent non-aggressive, thick distortion. passable phaser, but see the bad points . . .
  • Bad Points: phaser not very aurally aggressive but still manages to syphon the signal . . . one of those pedals that can really turn things to mud if you're not aware.
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