Schaller Foot Volume Controller

User Reviews of the Schaller Foot Volume Controller

  • Submitted by emanon from Detroit, MI (64 points) on Jan 26, 2008
  • It's a passive volume pedal, it does exactly what one would expect--no more, no less. This one was made in Germany in the '60's or '70's & has a nice smooth feel to it, but I only use it because I have it & it works--any decent volume pedal will do the same thing. A volume pedal is more important than one might think--gtrs & kybds (usually) have volume controls, but contact mics don't. Put it anywhere & everywhere in your signal chain (works especially well before a long or looping delay). Everyone should have a volume pedal or 2..if you've got the scratch the Ernie Ball is the best.
  • Good Points: Emblazened with it's Uber-German name-- fusschweller. Helps you manage the volume so you don't have to wear gehorschutz when you play. Looks & works good after 35-40 years, despite being made from plastic (except for metal cover on bottom).
  • Bad Points: Made mostly from plastic. Old & obscure, so likely to be overpriced (not worth it). Don't pay much more than , as it's main value is as a conversation piece.
  • Price Paid: US$10.00
  • Purchased At: grubby pawn shop 1998
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