Shin-Ei Surf Pedal

Shin-Ei Surf Pedal

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1) hurricane (pitch controlled hurricane/tornado sounds) 2) volume (normal volume pedal) 3) wah (funky 70s "growl-y" wah sounds!) 4) surf (like "hurricane" but volume controlled). and the last choice is a switch called 'siren' which is a sine wave rising and falling

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User Reviews of the Shin-Ei Surf Pedal

  • Submitted by Matthew from West Henrietta, NY (62 points) on Dec 16, 2003
  • I bought this pedal off of ebay cause i read in a book on effects that at the time this pedal should have it's own catagory. Well it's not that wierd except for the siren button. My pedal is a little different then the one pictured, pedal is skinnier and the knobs are below on the side and the siren foot switch is on the top above the rocker. One of the knobs is a selector for four functions; volume, surf, huricane and wah. The siren can work over any of the functions. The volume is obvious and the wah is som ewhat normal (check the bad points section) but the surf and huricane functions are damn cool. If you ever wanted an excesive amount of white niose behind or in front of whatever guitar noise you put through it then buy this pedal. The huricane adds white noise controled in a wah type way and the surf in a volume type. Your guitar tone will not wah or get louder or softer with these functions it will stay the same. There is one volume on the side for surf and huricane settings combined. This pedal is very effective with the huricane setting up and down into a EH memory man, instant soothing ocean sounds. The siren is just plain wierd. The button can be pushed with the wah switch off and can be heard and once you step on the wah it will be realy loud or whatever you leave the siren volume at. Once stepped on the siren goes up untill you press it again then it goes down. It's cool you step on it and everyone in the club is looking around for the cops.
  • Good Points: It was damn cheap, and though mine does not say Shin-Ei I had to laugh when I saw one go for over 0 American dollars out of Germany a while back. Mine was made in Japan and I doubt it was a Japanese "Japanese" nock off.
  • Bad Points: The wah is backwards. This will screw anyone up unless you never used a wah before and learned it this way, I cant uderstand why they would make it this way. The other thing the volume mode does go all the way silent and the wah doesn't wah all that much. But hey you want this for white niose and a siren anyway. The case is week but just take care of your gear especialy unique stuff.
  • Price Paid: US$65.00
  • Purchased At: ebay
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