Snarling Dogs Erogenous Moan

Snarling Dogs Erogenous Moan

Although the Erogenous Moan is housed in the same 6 lb die-cast case with foot-shaped footpad and lit eyes, it is not a wah pedal, but a volume/reverse volume pedal. You can use the Erogenous moan as a straight volume pedal. (Unlike most volume pedals, the Erogenous Moan adds a slight bit of boost when the straight volume feature is activated.) But the main feature of the Erogenous Moan is that, when the Erogenous Moan feature is activated, the following occurs: Pushing down on the footpad causes the volume to swell (as it does in the straight volume mode). However, at the end of the sweep - with the footpad depressed all the way down, the volume cuts off completely. Then, as you reverse the process by bringing the footpad back up, the volume kicks in, and swells again. At the top of the sweep, the volume cuts off. You control the effect in real time. This is a unique pedal that enables you to achieve an absolutely haunting effect. Hard-bypass circuitry. Color: Passion Purple.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $149.95

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