Snarling Dogs Super Bawl Whine O

Snarling Dogs Super Bawl Whine O

The Super Bawl Whine-O is the Whine-O wah with two additional features: 1.Hormone Control... this enables you to switch between an Estrogen (clean), and Testosterone (dirty) wah sound. 2.Twinductor Beef Boost... This enables you to activate a second inductor, which causes the wah to sound especially thick! Color: Personal Inflammation Red.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $154.95

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User Reviews of the Snarling Dogs Super Bawl Whine O

  • Submitted by gr-eh? from Detroit, MI (374 points) on Mar 16, 2002
  • i've only had this thing for 3 days and already i'm in love. crazy wah sound with too many options! i can't imagine a wah pedal with more options for tweaking the sound than this. you've got a 3 position pot which controls type of wah (white room, voodoo or shaft) - basically a range setting with some differences in actual effect. although they all go fairly deep, shaft goes high as hell. then you've got a knob to control the wah volume. then a switch from estrogen (clean) to testosteron (dirty) wah sound, and then another on-off stomp switch to control the dual-induction mode. it is built like a tank, nice and sturdy w/ 4 big rubber feet. it also came with replacement knobs, rubber feet and battery-door screw. if you were so inclined, you could play this thing entirely with your foot as all the controls are large and spread far enough that you can switch 'em around with a toe although i prefer using it by hand because of the speed at which i like to flip through modes. i've thrown my DOD FX25B envelope filter after it a few times and christ do these things sing together. this is the only wah pedal i see myself needing. well, maybe i'll get a second one...
  • Good Points: easily the best wah i've ever used. soooo many options for controlling the sound. nice wide sweep (almost twice that of the Dunlop CryBaby i used) and you can dial in a tone without worrying about it flopping down. that may change over the lifetime of this pedal, but i'm doubting it (it has a tension bar to control resistance of the pedal itself). has a nice sound, especially which in a loop just tweaks the hell out of it.
  • Bad Points: my ears hurt from the highs and lows i've been pumping out of it. other than that, not a damn thing bad about it.
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