Studio Electronics Modmax Filter

Studio Electronics Modmax Filter

SPECS: 13 control potentiometers: Level balancing output, Effect mix 100% dry to 100% wet, Mix dynamics for positive and negative modulation of effect level, Filter cutoff frequency, Resonance, Envelope follower attack, Envelope follower release, LFO rate, LFO depth (A Voltage Controlled Exponential L.F.O.!), LFO rate dynamics with positive and negative modulation, LFO depth dynamics with positive and negative modulation, Filter frequency dynamics (with positive and negative switch), 6 slide switches: Effect Soak (Drench) for serious effect level distortion, Filter mode: low pass, band pass, or high pass, FIlter dynamics polarity: + or -, LFO rate range: normal to audio frequency, LFO trigger: normal, one shot (for auto-wah), envelope key trigger, LFO waveform: triangle, square, or sample and hold,

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $360.00

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User Reviews of the Studio Electronics Modmax Filter

  • Submitted by ck3 from Portland, ME (390 points) on Feb 21, 2005
  • I recently acquired one of these in a trade and soon found that it is better at generating tones than processing a guitar signal, which was, unfortunately, my only reason for acquiring it.
  • Good Points: Very rich analog filter textures with many tweaking options. Feeds well into other effects when oscillating. A flashing LED indicates the tempo of the filter sweep.
  • Bad Points: Too much extraneous noise for my taste with most of the settings I found usable with a guitar signal. The "drench" switch adds too much of a gain boost and seems to negate the ability of the other controls to attenuate the output volume. The controls tended to behave in a counter-intuitive fashion overall.
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