Tokai Exciter TXC-1

Tokai Exciter TXC-1

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The TXC-1 produces a clear original sound effect with an overtone; additionally, it can make a clearer effect sound with the bright control. The Exciter can compensate for distortion in the high tone . Controls : Balance This knob regulates the direct sound and effect sound. Turing it to the right increases the effect sound, while turning it to the left increases the direct sound. Frequency This knob regulates the frequency of the peak of an overtone. As it is turned to the right, the high tone is emphasized. Bright: - This knob is to add more range to the sound of the frequency. As it is turned to the right, the effect becomes stronger. Specifications: Power Source 9V battery or AC adapter Controls Balance, Frequency, Bright

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User Reviews of the Tokai Exciter TXC-1

  • Submitted by Gus from San Francisco, CA (266 points) on Apr 2, 2002
  • While an exciter isn't a must have for practicioners of harsh noise, this pedal certainly has its uses. I use this mainly as a high frequency boost. With the frequency set on high, and the bright control jacked all the way up this thing will create speaker shredding highs. The effected frequency has a tendency to sound a little brittle, and harsh (I mean this in the best possible way). A great high frequency boost.
  • Good Points: Cheap. Common. Great high frequncy boost.
  • Bad Points: One trick pony.
  • Price Paid: US$30.00
  • Purchased At: ebay
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