Tube Works Tube Driver 911

Tube Works Tube Driver 911

The Classic Tube Driver is unique in it's tonal characterisitics and it's superb drive range. This AC powered pedal is controlled by Tube Drive and Ouput Level controls, and the tone is shaped with Hi and Lo EQ controls.

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User Reviews of the Tube Works Tube Driver 911

  • Submitted by Mike from Rochester, NY (302 points) on Feb 7, 2004
  • I used to play witht he original model of this, with only 3 knobs. A solid pedal with a warm, tube tone. I found it much nicer than the Tube Screamer because it had a real tube in it. And I think you can switch out the original tube for an upgrade for more tonal variances! These newer ones are better because of the extensive on-board eq, which is a definite improvement over the original's one tone knob. THis pedal is worth checking out.
  • Good Points: SOLID construction, included power supply (no batteries to drain!), extensive EQ, real tube inside, possible upgrades
  • Bad Points: may be pricier than most analog pedals, but the sound is worth it
  • Price Paid: US$0.00
  • Purchased At: borrowed from a friend
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