Vanilla Electronics Buffer Treble Booster VE Series 200

BUFFER : Current amplifier making timbre bad, output variable 3~20 times with dial. It's sounds like "Pre-Amplifier". You should be careful, because it has totally high power so you may break other effector and amplifier TREBLE BOOSTER : High pitched tone amplifier. It's shining! VE Model 201(8,800yen) Container : made of plastic / black Size : W70 H40 D125 (in Centimeters) 9 volts drive (006P) AC adapter power input (BOSS adapter usable) LED indicator VE Model 202 (7,800yen) The same as VE Model 201 but w/o LED and AC adapter jack. Container : made of plastic / black Size : W65 D63 (in Centimeters) 9 volts drive (006P) No AC adapter power input No LED indicated VE Model 203 (5,800yen) The same as VE Model 202 without container

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User Reviews of the Vanilla Electronics Buffer Treble Booster VE Series 200

  • Submitted by giddy from Azerbaijan (14 points) on Oct 31, 2009
  • Some months after getting my hands on the Vanilla Electronics Scrambler (Model 101), I gave in and ordered the Buffer + Treble Booster. Since the Scrambler requires loud input levels, they complete each other quite well. In fact this is pretty much the only application I have for this, though it can definitely be used as a clean preamp for contact microphones. The buffer part is basically a powerful gain - much louder than the Electro Harmonix LPB-1. The treble boost adds nice crispiness to the sound - I usually just leave this on. Strange thing is that the treble booster knob will cut off the sound completely if turned down all the way. The instruction manual isn't joking when it says to watch out what you plug this into - this is extreme boosting. Chained after this, fuzz pedals tend to start breaking up from overload, which can be a nice effect, but slightly worrying. Of course the great thing about Vanilla effects is the toggle switch design, excellent if you are more interested in hyper-kinetic cut up noise. Due to the fragile nature of the case, this series is mostly recommended for table-top use, though some fashionable folk have been known to strap these onto belts...
  • Good Points: Does just what it says. Toggle switching Works well with VE Scrambler.
  • Bad Points: Plastic case: only safe for tabletop use. No markings on the box: keep forgetting which switch is which.
  • Price Paid: US$100.00
  • Purchased At: Vanilla
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