Vox Union Jack Wah V847uj

Vox Union Jack Wah V847uj

Special Union Jack paint job British-izes it. Inside it's the same as the regular V847. Takes tones and twists them from bottom heavy to nastily nasal with each swipe of your foot. Not a wimpy simulation . . . this is the real thing!

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $189.00

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User Reviews of the Vox Union Jack Wah V847uj

  • Submitted by Ryan from Tulsa, OK (28 points) on Jul 24, 2003
  • It costs more for the limited "Union Jack" model but really brightens up your board. It is the same as the V847, only the color is different. Very nice sweep and voicing. Lacks true-bypass and power supply jack but you can have it modded as I have done.
  • Good Points: Very sturdy. Wide sweep. Colorful.
  • Bad Points: No power option other than battery...without mod. Not true-bypass, sucks signal.
  • Price Paid: US$135.00
  • Purchased At: gift from spouse
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