Yamaha Master Selector MS-100

User Reviews of the Yamaha Master Selector MS-100

  • Submitted by D/A A/D from Halifax (402 points) on Aug 22, 2002
  • Have lots of pedals?.. need some instant change overs?.. Have time to re-arange how you have your pedal line arranged?.. Well this is the pedal for you!. Has 2 independant pedal loops (gain control for each....) and two diferant led's so you know whick line is active. You can set up the pedal switch to be. A - B A - Bypass B - Bypass A - B - Bypass Great selector pedal...
  • Good Points: Sturdy as hell, gain control... and loads of options...
  • Bad Points: None....
  • Price Paid: US$65.00
  • Purchased At: Cash Converters
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