Arion Power Supply Board PSB-06

Arion Power Supply Board PSB-06

Arion PSB-06 "Power Supply Board" combines a power supply for up to 6 Arion pedals (or non-Arion, if they match the power settings and the jack type). Supplies 9V 400mA power.

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User Reviews of the Arion Power Supply Board PSB-06

  • Submitted by K. from Sealy, TX (528 points) on Apr 12, 2002
  • Doesn't do anything for noise, but it does help keep your pedals organized and powered. Good thing about it is that you can power any pedal which uses the same style plug (as long as the sleeve is positive and pin negative.). There's a built-in "effects loop" so you don't have to disconnect from the pedals (I wired a switch into this which allows me to toggle betwwen the input signal and pure pedal feedback - i.e. line loop.). Great to have if you're doing live shows, I have extra pedals for this and usually leave them packed in the case until it's time to perform. I only wish it were able to power and carry 8 or 9 pedals instead of just 6.
  • Good Points: Powers up to 6 pedals and keeps them organized, great for live gigs, able to power pedals other than Arion
  • Bad Points: Powers and holds ONLY 6 pedals
  • Price Paid: US$60.00
  • Purchased At: Guitar center
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