DOD Delay 585-A

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  • Submitted by 2brothers_amps from Orlando, FL (34 points) on Feb 16, 2006
  • Picked this up on eBay for around , no power supply (additional off eBay). having read some very positive reviews on the web + Harmony Central. 18V (2X9V) or 1/4" TS DOD power supply. All metal housing with big rubber pedal. Seems indestructible, though I hear that the switch can develop issues. Used by both me and my shredding son. He's a metal tone snob and one of his few choice pedals in his chain. Sounds great on vintage gear as well. It is true to the great reviews. Warm old school analog with slight characteristic and expected loss of high end on repeats similar to all vintage analog non-tape gear. This is actually preferred in our rigs at it takes the edge off of the high gain echo. From subtle warm background echo to full-on spacy alien-landing feedback-controlled delay. Never loses analog character, and this particular box isn't noisy. Easy to use Typical DOD missing battery door and 2X 9V ravaging circuitry. Find the 1/4" TS power supply if possible and hold onto it! But remember it's that 18 - 20V that makes it soooo good. overall 4/5
  • Good Points: KILLER analog sound, thanks to the 18v circuitry. Bulletproof housing. Ease of use.
  • Bad Points: Typical missing battery door. History of DOD switch issues hanging over my head. Get a backup or have Keeley or Analogman put in a bulletproof switch. Eats 9V (2X). Find and hold onto the original wall wart (18V 1/4" TS).
  • Price Paid: US$60.00
  • Purchased At: eBay
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