DOD Bass Overdrive FX91

DOD Bass Overdrive FX91

The FX91 delivers a touch, or the full furry of overdrive. The blend knob lets you mix just the right amount of distortion with your original signal. Lots of background hiss. The tone is more fuzz box than overdrive

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User Reviews of the DOD Bass Overdrive FX91

  • Submitted by Garry from Nashville, TN (12 points) on Aug 8, 2011
  • This little under-appreciated gem of a pedal is the

    cheapest(non-boutique,non-parallel effects, single

    amp)route to a Geddy Lee/Chris Squire tone, aka clean

    with bottom end AND crunchy distortion. The blend knob

    is the key here.
  • Good Points: As mentioned above, plus can be had VERY cheaply
  • Bad Points: As usual, DOD switches suck, but at least this later

    model has a standard 9V adaptor input
  • Price Paid: US$30.00
  • Purchased At: craigslist
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  • Submitted by Mike from Rochester, NY (310 points) on Mar 8, 2004
  • This is a decent little pedal. Doesn't really do much on it's own, but coupled with a harsher distortion unit it produces some really nice tones. The BLEND knob acts more like the LEVEL knob and isn't really dramatic. The pedal is best when everything is all the way up and you are tweaking the other pedals connected to it. Afterall, it's ONLY an overdrive and not a distortion box. It's a nice addition to my chain but not one to be used frequently.
  • Good Points: solid DOD construction, LEVEL/BLEND/TONE/DRIVE features, connected(!) battery cover
  • Bad Points: only an addition to a chain and shouldn't really be used as a main noise unit
  • Price Paid: US$25.00
  • Purchased At: EBay
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