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  • Submitted by Chadbang from Katy, TX (18 points) on May 29, 2006
  • A vintage 70's fuzz box. There are have two "clones" of this box put out commercially on the market. The Danelectro French Toast and, most recently a reissue which matches the originally cosmetically and potentially sonically. I have not had the pleasure to test the Foxxpedals reissue, but I look forward to it. Here I'll mainly compare an original Foxx Tone Machine to a French Toast. There is no comparision! Well, actually there are some similiarities. The French Toast is able to capture the most extreme sounds of the Foxx Tone. That is, the Foxx Tone at it's most wild. A very sizzling and wild fuzz, with an emphasis on higher frequencies. You can dial down to tone of the French Toast to achieve a richer sound sound, but it never reaches the range of sounds you can achieve with an original Foxx Tone. After great searching and expense, I bought an original Foxx Tone just to make this comparision. After much testing, here is my verdict. The French Toast captures about 70% of the tones you can get from a Foxx original. But the French Toast craps out because it lacks the gain of the original. If you try to dial down the "DIST" and "EQ" knobs on the French Toast, it literally vanishes. The output drops and you'd assume it's an unusable setting. NOW, this is where the Foxx Tone Machine becomes the rare and unique beast is deservedly is sought-after as. But dialing down the "Bright/Mellow" knob and the "Sustain" knob, you can reach a wonder Fuzz Face like subdued fuzz - not unlike my MJM London Fuzz. And there is still HUGE gain! Until I owned an original Foxx tone, I had no idea this was possible. In the sense, the French Toast is a complete failure as a copy of an original. Again, I have not auditioned one of the new cosmetically copied Foxx Tone Machines, I can only hope their circuit manages the same trick! All in all the Foxx Tone Machine is an amazing vintage pedal, well deserving of the mystique surrounding it!
  • Good Points: From the mellow to all out madness, the Foxx Tone Machine is probably my favorite fuzz of all time (followed by the the perennial Bigg Muff). But the Foxx Tone offer a greater range of tones and even more flat out fuzz.
  • Bad Points: Hard to find! Next, I'll get my hands on a FoxxPedals reissue and review it.
  • Price Paid: US$150.00
  • Purchased At: ebay
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