Guyatone Guitar Pickup Amplifier GPX

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  • Submitted by Adam from Washington, DC (22 points) on Mar 28, 2014
  • As of this posting, there may be now one piece of information about this on the English-language Internet. When I saw this pop up on ebay, I knew it would be mine.
  • Good Points: For about a year, I've been failing with my mixer to setup a "Blend" knob between two separate arms of a feedback loop. Here, that's cake -- stereo delay L to Auto-Wah to Piezo, delay R to Filter to Mag pick up. Seamless shift from your Delay+T-wah loops to Delay+FX25, or blend them in whatever ratio your noise-heart wants. I love that the dial clicks into place at noon. Add to the blend a five-band EQ and Level knob, and this pedal will rule your loops with impunity.
  • Bad Points: Unfortunately, the pre-amps, for noise-making, are an obstacle; neither is transparent. The Piezo is closest, with some added rusty nails and icicle teeth. The Mag input rolls off highs fairly dramatically, but it doesn't suck. Both of those EQ characters are workable, and they do interact well, but something makes your sound feel flatter, more paper-like. Might be compression, or loss of really-highs and -lows. If you use a jawa-line of distortion after, it may not matter. I don't, so it makes me sad
  • Price Paid: US$70.00
  • Purchased At: electronic auctioneering website "ebay"
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